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Romantic Events are back... 

celebrating 21 years of love stories!

After taking some time out with her family and becoming a mum, Leesa is more excited than ever to be introducing her little man Matai to the world, and re introducing Romantic Events. The Romantic Events team focus their energy (and lenses ;-P) on what's truly important in life, and are ready to capture your most precious, exciting and heartfelt memories.

Specialising in weddings, events and the most amazing gift of all...the treasured journey with your newborn baby, RE can't

wait to capture your story from the very start.

​Offering photography and unique filming services, the RE team believe.... "life is all about the people we meet and the memories we create together..."


Their work is their passion. Creatively and timelessly capturing these moments to enjoy time and time again, and share with future generations to come.

Celebrating 21 years, the team have shot in many different locations over this time, including international shoots in Canada, Indonesia, India and the UK to mention a few. From big budget productions, to smaller more intimate affairs, Leesa and the team have the experience to capture the essence of you and your loved ones at every special occasion. They will ensure you feel at ease in front of the camera, and make your event hassle free whilst capturing all the magic. Check out what some clients say about Leesa & Romantic events here.

Feel free to check out more of Leesa Maree's here.


Leesa invites you to discuss your photography and filming needs, either over the phone or private consultation via zoom.

All sanitized, masked and socially distanced ready to hear your story, and plan your exciting event! Weddings are cancelled for now, however planning isn't...get in touch and let's plan some magic together! 


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